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Company culture
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Code of Conduct:
Careful Plan & Coordinated Implementation; Written Communication & Transposition Thinking.
Daily Schedule & Dedication; Data Assessment & Self-management.

Business Concept:
Professional Talent, Lean Production, Fine Management, High Quality, Accurate Positioning, Quality Brand

Core Values (Synergy, Innovation, Credit, Win-win)

Synergy If there is no synergy, an organization or an enterprise will certainly be in a mess. Even if all of them are elites, they are doomed to fail in the end. Individualistic heroism may prevail for a while, but only organizations or individuals with synergy spirit can create a successful career. So synergy applies to everything, everyone and every time.

Innovation Innovation can improve products, technologies and efficiency; innovation can change concepts, the environment, life and world. Therefore, we must adhere to the principle of persistent, bold and proficient innovation, and innovation incentives.

Credit If a person or an individual loses credit, they may lose all. In the tenet of “Credit First”, we must fulfill our promises in everything. So said, so done.

Win-win Only in the win-win principle, can we gain teamwork cooperation, the support of partners, the credit and loyalty of customers, and can our enterprise be everlasting. Therefore, we must persistently tap our potential to share win-win results with our employees, partners, customers and the society.